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Please note that if your order is placed after 05:00 PM your order

will be processed in the next working day (Sunday we are closed) 

Once your order is been placed we will send you confirmation emails with

the garment's pick up and delivery details. 

 #LUXPrime Service is available in our serviced areas only. 

After the trial period, you will be charged an annual fee of £15.99.  

Please take into account that: Alterations and Repairs & Shoe Repairs

have a return time of 5 working days.

Use the ––––––––––––––– Box to add your comments.

Quotations are made based on the images you provide to us, please upload enough pictures for us to provide you with an appropriate amount. 

PLEASE NOTE that Due to Covid - 19:  You may experience some delay in turnaround and getting your order processed. #PrimeService is been affected. Please consult by phone before ordering.

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